Co-op for Guardian of Light :O

Ooh Crystal Dynamics finally releasing LCGoL online co-op. Well, just on Xbox live :(

No news for PC or PS3. Boo.

Yes yes, the doppelganger shot Alistair and now he is dead.


Don’t deny it, if you had this game you did this too XD

Ha, was talking about this just yesterday.

Yes, did this everytime I played Croft manor . Poor Winston :D


Now I’m gonna play some Tomb Raider 3! =)

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Gorgeousness :D

God I love Nicobass’ work. Always awesome.

Love love love. Braid! Combat knife!

Oh I wish he was working on the actual game ^^


Tomb Raider // Arabian Nights Vol 1 Issue 1

ok, I need more of this please :D

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