Co-op for Guardian of Light :O

Ooh Crystal Dynamics finally releasing LCGoL online co-op. Well, just on Xbox live :(

No news for PC or PS3. Boo.

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Yes yes, the doppelganger shot Alistair and now he is dead.

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Don’t deny it, if you had this game you did this too XD

Ha, was talking about this just yesterday.

Yes, did this everytime I played Croft manor . Poor Winston :D


Now I’m gonna play some Tomb Raider 3! =)

Made by me using XNALara

Gorgeousness :D

God I love Nicobass’ work. Always awesome.

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Love love love. Braid! Combat knife!

Oh I wish he was working on the actual game ^^


Tomb Raider // Arabian Nights Vol 1 Issue 1

ok, I need more of this please :D